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Contact Lens Discomfort due to Cornea Sensitivity

contact lens discomfort

Nutritional supplements may help ease dry eye symptoms that are commonly associated with contact lens discomfort due to dryness on the corneal surface.

Mucin: This natural protein acts as a "glue" that binds tears to the surface of the cornea. Mucin coats dry spots, maintains tear film integrity and forms a vapor barrier that keeps moisture from evaporating from the eye too quickly. These eye-hydrating properties promote contact lens comfort.

Polar phospholipids: Phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine, sphingomyelin and phosphatidylserine are orthomolecules that exist naturally throughout the body, including within the eye's tear glands. Phospholipids play a role in maintaining tear film integrity and proper eye hydration.

Omega-3 fatty acids: Found in flaxseed, borage and fish oils, the Omega-3s DHA, EPA and ALA all help to modulate tear gland inflammation. Omega-3s' soothing properties help to minimize dry eye and optimize eye hydration for contact lens comfort.

Vitamins C and B6: Omega-3 fatty acid nutrition for healthy tear production is better absorbed and utilized by the body when it is taken in conjunction with vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Turmeric: This famed Indian spice is increasingly shown by scientific research to have powerful inflammation-modulating properties which may ease contact lens-related dry eye symptoms.

Phytosterols: These plant-based compounds promote eye hydration and tear production, maintaining a healthy, comfortable eye environment for contact lens wearers.

Nutritional support for dry eye symptoms may be beneficial for contact lens wear. VisiVite offers two supplements targeted for dry eye:

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