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Dr. Krawitz's Favorite Dry Eye Drops

Artificial eyedrops in bottles can be uncomfortable, making the eyes red and irritated when they should be soothing. Not only that, but they can actually make the tear film LESS stable and cause permanent changes to the ocular surface. This is often due the chemical preservatives put in the bottles to prevent contamination with germs. And it is these chemicals, not the saltwater itself, that’s responsible for irritation. As a glaucoma specialist, I see this every day in my patients. Glaucoma eye drops also have these chemical irritants, the most common of which is  benzalkonium chloride (BAK).

By now, you know that my daily regimen includes VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support, because of my genetic predisposition for macular degeneration. For dry eye, my symptoms are intermittent and not every day, so I don’t need a VisiVite Dry Eye Supplement. But I do need artificial tears now and then, and nothing is so comfortable as PRESERVATIVE-FREE artificial tears.

Nearly all of these available products use individual dropperettes, which you have to discard after each use. But I personally use the Optase Intense Eye Drops, which come in a technologically designed multi-use bottle that prevents contamination with bacteria. And they are my absolute favorite dry eye drop. You have to squeeze it a little harder than a typical eye drop bottle, but the formulation is so comfortable for me, and the single bottle rather than a box of 30 twist-off tubes is so convenient.

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