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Study shows AREDS2 formula slows age-related macular degeneration

A recent study was published in JAMA Ophthalmology that details the analysis of 10 years of AREDS2 data, which shows that the AREDS2 formula is more effective at reducing the risk of AMD progression when compared to the original AREDS formula.

Comparison of AREDS2 vs AREDS 1 studyThe original AREDS formula contained beta carotene but due to it causing an increased risk of lung cancer for current smokers as well as those who had a smoking history, the AREDS2 formula was created using the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin to replace the beta carotene.

After analyzing the ten year's worth of data, researchers discovered that not only did the AREDS2 formulation reduce the risk of lung cancer, it also was more effective in reducing the risk of macular degeneration progression by 26%.

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