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Getting your groove on is good for your health

If you are looking for an excuse to put your dancing shoes on, do it for your health!

Getting your groove on and jiving to your favorite songs in your living room isn't only fun, it's great for your health as well.

Dancing has so many wonderful benefits. It engages all of your muscles and limbs and increases your heart rate so it's a great aerobic workout. The best part is you can dance in the comfort of your own home or if you prefer the company of others, sign up for classes and learn some new steps! Here are some of the benefits dancing affords you:

1. Build a stronger core: If you want to improve your back strength and build those abs, dancing is great for that. Dancing helps promote good posture and can prevent back painand injuries.

2. Put your heart into it: If you aren't a fan of generic aerobics class, good news, you don't have to bother with that. Dancing is a fantastic aerobic workout! A 2016 study found that engaging in a moderate-intensity dancing that makes you out of breath makes you 46 percent less likely to develop heart disease. 

3. A way to lose weight: If you need to put some pizazz in your weight loss routine, put your dancing shoes on! The more up-tempo style of dance, the more energies and caloriesyou will burn. You can expect to burn anywhere from 90 to 252 calories. 

4. Build those bones: Dancing is a weight-bearing activity, which can help you maintain bone density. In some instances, it may even help build new bone mass. Studies suggest that in older adults with osteoporosis, dancing may help to reverse  bone loss.

5. Workout for your brain: Choreographed dance moves engages the brain and improves memory. A recent study showed that seniors over the age of 75 who engaged in dance classes had a lower dementia risk.

So the next time the music moves you, heed the call and start tapping those toes. You will be dancing your way to a healthier you!

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