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Why it took 200 hours to devise a Dry Eye Vitamin

It might surprise you to learn that VisiVite Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 took me 100 hours to devise and then another 100 hours of working with our nutritional scientists and formulators to find what was possible to put in a gelcap.

I started with a scientific physiology textbook of tears aptly called, The Tear Film. It was a 3-inch tome, filled with text, graphs, studies, data and rare images. But from that thick book, I studied the chemical makeup of tears, which were much more complex that I had been taught in medical school or ophthalmology residency. The tears were made not only of salt water, but instead was a slurry of compounds, including mucin and lipids, that not only coated the eye, but that helped the tears stick to eye and evaporate slowly. Additional molecules called polar phospholipids hold all these different compounds together on the eye. Of course, that’s what it looks like in an eye that’s healthy with a normal tear film.

In someone with dry eye symptoms, there might not be enough salt water, mucin, lipid or all three. That’s how VisiVite Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 was invented. The United States government recognized the formula as so unique, I was awarded United States Patent No. 7,638,142. Of course, I’m very proud of that. But it means more to me when one of my patients or a VisiVite customer lets me know that it is the first thing that’s helped their dry eye symptoms. To me, that makes all my time and investigation worth it. If you use Dry Eye Relief’s little sister, Quench, that’s also an excellent formula. But really it’s Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 that packs the power of the full United States Patent.



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