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3 Ways exercise saves you money

Do you have diabetes? High cholesterol? High blood pressure? If looking good or living longer isn't enough of a motivator for you to get off the couch, how about this one: Exercise saves you money!

  1. Fewer doctor visits
  2. Less medication
  3. Fewer home devices and disposables (blood pressure cuff, finger stick glucose measurement)
  4. Less gas traveling to the doctor, test laboratory and pharmacy
Make your numbers your motivator, and know your numbers!
  • Diabetics: It's not enough to know this morning's blood glucose. Know your HEMOGLOBIN A1C LEVEL. Don't accept the answer from your doctor that your blood sugar is "fine." Get the number, and aim for under 6.5%.
  • Hypertensives: Get both your systolic and diastolic numbers. WRITE THEM DOWN. Ask your doctor if you're meeting your goals. If not, ask what you can do to lower your numbers.
  • Cholesterol: Write down your TOTAL, LDL AND HDL CHOLESTEROL numbers. Are you meeting your health goals?
Often patients blame themselves when their numbers are out of whack. Tell your doctor that you want him or her to be a partner in improving your numbers. Never leave your doctor's office without knowing your numbers! Paul Krawitz, M.D., President and Founder Vitamin Science, Inc.*      

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