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5 Things to Support Good Brain Health

Maintaining a healthy brain is important for living longer and keeping good mental health.

Reducing your risk factors that can cause poor brain health is the first step

towards better brain health. Try incorporating these five things into your lifestyle:

1) Social Life: Social relationships are important in reducing the risk of dementia. People who lack good social relationships suffer more from depression and anxiety and are. more likely to develop dementia at a younger age.

2) Exercise: Regular exercise helps the brain with its biochemical processes, which includes the formation of new neurons in the brain. 

3) Educate your brain: Filling your brain with new information helps to "build" the brain and keeps it healthy.

4) Healthy diet: As with all other aspects of our health, our diet impacts our brain. Diets rich in Omega-3s including walnuts, almonds, salmon as well as green, leafy vegetables all promote brain health.

5) Adequate sleep: Eight hours of sleep a night is crucial in promoting brain health and lessening brain fog, early dementia, depression and anxiety.

Take some time today to incorporate changes in your lifestyle to help ensure your brain stays healthy throughout your life!



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