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Air pollution may increase your risk of Glaucoma

Air pollution not only can impact your lungs but potentially your eyes as well.


Researchers recently evaluated data from more than 111,000 people in Great Britain to try and determine the effect of air pollution on vision. 

Participants in the study has undergone eye exams from 2006 to 2010. Researchers discovered that the risk of glaucoma was at least 6% greater among those participants who lived in cities with the highest levels of fine particular matter air pollution. In addition, those living in high air pollution areas also were more likely to have thinner retinas.

Researchers believe that the possible link to glaucoma is due to the pollution constricting blood vessels or that the particulates have a toxic effect on the nervous system and increase inflammation.

These study results mirror previous studies that found that glaucoma rates are 50 percent higher in urban areas compared to rural areas. This most recent study did not account for indoor air pollution and various workplace pollution.

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