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AMD patients may benefit from epimacular brachytherapy

A recent study involved the use of epimacular brachytherapy to treat patients requiring continual anti-VEGF injections found that the procedure may ease the number of treatments for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Epimacular brachytherapy involves inserting a probe inside the eye and then directing the radiation from the probe directly to the fovea (the center of the macula).

The study showed that the number of anti-VEGF injections which were required was reduced among patients. In addition, the visual acuity of the majority of the study participants was improved. 63% of patients gained visual acuity with 50% gaining five or more letters of visual acuity in 6 months.

The epimacular brachytherapy system directly delivers radiation to the targeted area in the eye. As a result, no cases of radiation retinopathy were reported in this study or in prior studies. The procedure has been performed safely in over 400 patients from around the world.

While further studies will be conducted, researchers are encouraged by the results obtained thus far.

Andrea Schumann

Staff Writer

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