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Are the Covid vaccines Safe?

In my opinion, in one word, yes.* The Covid vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna that are just now leaving their facilities and traveling across the country were cleared by the FDA as both safe and effective. If you have questions, you've come to the right place.

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How do vaccines work?

Invented not by Jonas Salk but by Edward Jenner in 1796, who injected a boy with Cowpox, which then prevented the boy from getting Smallpox.

Vaccines all work by tricking the body into believing it is confronting the bad bug. Sometimes vaccines contain weakened versions of the bug, and sometimes only bug particles. The body's antibodies, which are part of the immune system, then battle the fake bug, which puts them in a heightened ready mode, capable of putting up a much stronger battle when the real villain comes along.

How the Covid vaccine is different

The Covid vaccine also fools the body, but in a different way. It is made with "messenger RNA," also called mRNA. Once in the body, the mRNA instructs your cells to make some of the particles that look like Covid (but not Covid). Your body THEN reacts to the new particles, building up the right antibodies to face the real Covid, when it comes along.

Won't this vaccine change my body's DNA?

No, it won't. Messenger RNA doesn't go anywhere near the nucleus (the kitchen) in your cells. It sits in the cytoplasm (the outdoor porch). It sends instructions to build those particles, then it disappears.

But I've heard some people get a fever

That's true. Your body's other defenses, even to the harmless particle that gets created, turn on. White blood cells may increase in number. And your body's immune chemicals, known as cytokines, may increase. And all of these things can FOOL the body into thinking it's fighting a dangerous bug. So the body may turn on its other defenses, including raising your body temperature, to fight it off. 

Don't wait*

If you're thinking of waiting months or a year, to "see how things go," don't. We're in a pandemic that has killed nearly one-third of a million people as of today. Hospitals are getting packed to the brim again with desperately ill people, many of whom won't ever make it home again. When it's your turn, line up and get the two vaccines (three weeks apart) that you will need to protect you. 

Any final words?

Eat healthy and exercise if you can. Take all of your vitamin supplements and prescription medications. Nasty bugs love unhealthy people.

* Important Disclaimer

I am not your personal physician, and I cannot give you individual medical advice. Only your own personal physician(s) can do that. If you choose to get inoculated, you cannot claim that Dr. Krawitz recommended it for you. If, after reading the information about the vaccine's benefits and risks, you still have questions, you need to discuss that with your doctor(s).

I also strongly advise you to read the following resources about the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines from the United Stated Food & Drug Administration.

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