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Basketball is the sport that tops the list for most eye injuries

082715September is Sports Ey
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September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness month and statistics provided by the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission show that basketball tops the list for being the cause of the most eye injuries. The top five on the list are basketball, water/pool activities, guns (air, gas, spring and BB), baseball/softball and football. The National Eye Institute reports that a sports-related eye injury is treated at an emergency room every 13 minutes. Injuries range from infections, and corneal abrasions to detached retinas and fractured eye sockets. It is critical that parents, teachers, school nurses and coaches are aware of the signs of a serious eye injury and know when to seek professional treatment. The organization Prevent Blindness seeks to help reduce the amount of eye injuries for all athletes by encouraging the use of proper eye protection while engaging in sports. Along with wearing protective eyewear, it is important for athletes to have a complete eye exam and consult with their eye care professional to determine the best protective eyewear for them.*  

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