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Body Health = Eye Health

Eye doctors struggle with weight gain, just like their patients.

I was a skinny, muscular, athletic kid who was able to eat a plate of French fries without gaining an ounce. But then IT happens. Blame it on hours spent each day examining patients rather than playing basketball in my driveway, sitting down for big meals rather than grazing all day, slower metabolism and dwindling growth hormone and androgen levels. But in addition to those changes are a national increase in obesity. The upward graph of our country's obesity rate from the National Institutes of Health is past being worrisome.

And we now know that eye health and macular degeneration share the same risk factors as the rest of your body, including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking history (for goodness sake, stop smoking!). I've tried (and failed) many diets in the past. I'm a fan of Weight Watchers. I'm a more recent fan of mild intermittent fasting - by forgoing breakfast - you can read more about that here. And for nearly two years, I have became completely vegan (no beef, chicken, fish, eggs or milk/cheese). It's all paying off. And because some research shows benefit to taking an oral resveratrol supplement, I take our Reziva trans-resveratrol supplement too. It's not a diet pill, but rather a compound extracted from grapes - red wine grapes to be exact - that seems to have a myriad of benefits for good health.

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