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Cardio drug helpful in treating surfer's eye

Researchers from Ariel University in Israel recently examined the affect the commonly prescribed cardiovascular drug, dipryidamole, had on¬†treating pterygium, otherwise known as surfer's eye. Surfer's eye is¬†caused by a benign growth of the conjunctiva over the white of the eye. The condition is commonly found in surfers (hence, the name) but is more prevalent in older adults and causes inflammation and dry eye and can eventually obstruct vision completely. Researchers were excited to discover that 25 patients treated with the dipyridamole drops had a maximum reduction of 54% in their Ocular Surface Disease Index over the course of the treatment. A few of the patients even had a complete resolution of their symptoms. These study findings are encouraging¬†because until now, the only available treatment for pterygium has been¬†surgery that has a¬†high recurrence rate. Researchers hope to begin clinical trials later this year.  

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