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Children with myopia benefit from bifocals

Children who have rapidly progressing myopia (nearsightedness) may benefit from wearing bifocals rather than single-vision eyeglasses. A study published in the January Archives of Ophthalmology finds that bifocals can slow the rapid progression of myopia in children. The diagnosis of myopia has risen 66% in the United States over the past 30 years with 33% of the adult population being nearsighted.? People in East Asia have a much higher incidence of myopia with the rate being 60% by age 12. Because of this, researchers chose to study Canadian Chinese children with rapidly progressing myopia. Researchers believe that one reason that bifocals are more effective in slowing the progression of myopia than normal lenses is because positive lenses can disrupt the equilibrium of the eye muscles? for those who already have some degree of exophoria. Researchers cautiously recommend offering bifocals to children with rapidly progressing myopia. They urge eye care practitioners to weigh the extra cost and poor cosmetic appearance of bifocals when considering this option. Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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