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Commentary from Dr. Krawitz about the NEW VisiVite Super Lutein 444 Formula®

The challenge to this formula is in getting something potent into a single capsule, while still staying true to using the more expensive dietary or natural Right-Right form of both lutein and zeaxanthin. Cheaper formulas use a “racemic” mixture of zeaxanthin, which is a nice way of saying that they use ingredients that have both active and inactive zeaxanthin.

At VisiVite eye vitamins, we don’t do that.

Beneath the skin of our clear vegetarian capsules that don’t have synthetic fillers, colored capsules, or dark oils that cloud what’s inside, you see some of the vibrant, natural colors of nature. By many peoples’ standards, our capsules aren’t pretty.

But I think they are, and I hope you agree. I like to think that the blotchy, uneven appearance is evidence of the power of nature in one little capsule.

natural lutein and zeaxanthin show colorful pigments through the clear vegetarian capsules in VisiVite Super Lutein 444 Formula
I am SO impressed with this new version of VisiVite Super Lutein 444 Formula®. Not just because it’s “ugly,” but because the results from its third-party independent laboratory testing blew me away. The lutein is Lyc-O-Red, from an Israeli company that farms and processes the marigold flowers while the zeaxanthin is Hi-Fil Z, from an obsessive, natural-processing company in Mexico. Both ingredients not only test pure, but potent as well.

The revamped VisiVite Super Lutein 444 Formula® with a highly speckled capsule appearance has been shown by our independent lab testing to have the highest potency and stability for our one-per-day miracle vegetarian capsule. The challenge of putting this formula together required that our nutritional scientists and manufacturing laboratory work closely together to ensure success. And they’ve done so spectacularly!

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