Common causes of eye twitching

Common causes of eye twitching

Eye twitching, also known as myokymia is a common eye condition that is normally not a cause for concern.

Everyone has suffered at some point from the annoying "eye twitch". 

Eye twitching, also known as myokymia is a common eye condition that is

normally not a cause for concern. It's not your eye that is actually twitching but the muscles in your upper or lower eyelid that are experiencing spasms. Here are some possible triggers for these spasms:

1. Deficiency of key nutrients: A deficiency in magnesium, vitamin B12 or vitamin D can all trigger the twitch. And having either too little or too much calcium can also be behind it.

2. Fatigue: If you are suffering from a lack of sleep that can translate into twitching eyelids. If you suffer from fatigue despite making efforts to get more sleep, it's time to consult your doctor.

3. Stress: We all know that stress has a detrimental effect on our health and our eyes are not exempt. Finding ways to reduce or eliminate stress may help to resolve the twitching.

4. Dry eye syndrome: The strain that can be caused by dry eye syndrome along with the increased blinking from the dry eye symptoms can lead to eye twitching. Artificial tears may help lubricate your eyes and relieve the spasms.

5. Computer vision syndrome: Much like dry eye syndrome, computer vision syndrome can cause eye strain. Taking breaks every 20 to 30 from looking at a computer screen and focusing on a far away object can help to reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

However, if twitching involves both eyes, or includes facial muscle spasms or facial weakness  you should consult your doctor. If the twitches get worse over time or last more than a few weeks, that also needs to be followed up with by a doctor.


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