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Computer Vision Syndrome Poses Risk to Students' Vision

Children today are growing up as a computer generation. Along with the benefits of being computer savvy, there are risks of too much time in front of a monitor. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is caused by stress put upon the eyes by working with a computer screen. The American Optometric Association (AMA) states that the amount of stress placed upon the eyes depends upon the amount of time the person spends on the computer and the setting where the? the computer is located. Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome include: strained eyes, headaches, sore necks, blurred vision and dry eyes.? A complete eye examination is needed to diagnose the syndrome. The effect on the vision of young adults from extended time in front of a computer is that their eyes adapt to focusing on the computer screen. When they look away from the screen, they are unable to focus as clearly. This "concentrated focusing" can have either a temporary deleterious effect on vision. Treatment varies, of course, for each patient. Computer glasses may be prescribed or it may be as simple as medical instruction for improving the patient's visual behaviors. Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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