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Contact cleanliness is key to eye health

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Wearing contacts requires that the user be diligent about their care in order to avoid eye problems that can range from minor issues to permanent vision loss. Unfortunately, sometimes contact lens wearers are lackadaisical and the bad habits can have devastating consequences. The Centers for Disease Control(CDC) released results of a survey that reports that 99% of people who wear contacts are at serious risk for developing keratitis (eye infection) because of bad habits when it comes to contact lens care. A huge percentage, 82.3%, of wearers keep their contacts lens cases longer than is recommended and 50% of lens users wear them while sleeping. These two habits may seem like harmless "sins" but they can lead to infection. The lens case can get dirty and the germs from the case get onto the lens and from the lens to your cornea. An eye infection can develop within 24 hours of wearing a germ-ridden lens. All contact lens wearers should keep water away from lenses, discard used disinfectant solution from the case and clean it on a daily basis and the case should be replaced every three months. These small steps can make a huge difference in your eye health.*

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