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Cyclosporine is effective in treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

For people suffering from severe forms of dry eye, relief may be found in the form of cyclosporine. Cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion, or better known by its prescription name of Restasis, can increase tear production and reduce dry eye symptoms. Choosing the appropriate medication to treat dry eye depends greatly upon the severity of the disease.? Patients with moderate to severe dry eye symptoms will benefit the most from treatment with anti-inflammatory medications such as topical cyclosporine. Patients with moderate to severe symptoms are at the highest risk of their disease worsening. Often times, cyclosporine is used in conjunction with corticosteroids. The patient begins by taking the corticosteroid and cyclosporine concurrently for a couple of weeks and then he or she is gradually taken off the corticosteroid and continues with the cyclosporine. People are often under the assumption that dry eye syndrome cannot progress quickly but it can significantly worsen in a year's time so it's important to treat affected patients quickly. Depending on the severity of the disease, patients may either need short-term or long-term maintenance therapy. Andrea Schumann Staff Writer Addendum: In published studies, cyclosporine (Restasis) has been shown to have some effectiveness versus the symptoms of dry eye syndrome in 60-70% of patients. However, in our own practice, we have witnessed only 30-50% efficacy. Some of the clinical benefits of Restasis may be due solely to the emulsion mixture of oil and balanced salt solution into which the active cyclosporine is placed. This emulsion, without the medication, was so effective that it was taken off the market by the manufacturer, presumably because it adversely affected the sales of prescriptive Restasis. Paul L. Krawitz, M.D., President VisiVite.Com

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