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Dame Judi Dench doesn't focus on the negatives of macular degeneration

Legendary actress Dame Judi Dench doesn't choose to focus on the negatives of having macular degeneration. While the actress' sight has been diminishing as a result of the disease, she doesn't let that stop her from doing what she wants to do. One of Judi's greatest passions is painting and when the macular degeneration began affecting her ability to see what she was painting, she realized that painting is about what you see - whatever or however that is for her and that she shouldn't focus on painting the literal object. In addition, her loss of vision helped her overcome her stage fright. Realizing that she couldn't see people from the stage has helped reduce her anxiety when she is on stage. When it comes to reading scripts, she has her scripts published in large print. With each new limitation that macular degeneration throws her way, Ms. Dench finds a way to turn it into a positive and keeps moving forward to the delight of her fans everywhere.*

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