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Depression and dry eye disease link

A recent data analysis of the Dry Eye Assessment and Management (DREAM) study found that severe dry eye disease was associated with depression. 

Depression connected to dry eyes

Researchers were investigating the link between depression and the severity of dry eye disease symptoms, including inflammatory markers.

535 patients with moderate to severe dry eye symptoms were involved in the DREAM study and were followed for one year. The participants were screened for depression using the Mental Component Summary and the symptoms of  Dry Eye Disease were assessed by Ocular Surface Disease Index and Brief Ocular Discomfort Index along with tear assessment tests.

Researchers found that patients who screened positive for depression, had worse dry eye symptoms than those who had negative depression screenings. The study findings point to the need of considering depression as a comorbidity when doctors are caring for patients with dry eye disease and additional studies are needed to confirm the relationship between depression and severe dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eye Support

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