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Diabetes risk doubled with 2 sweet drinks daily

Regardless of whether you consume two or more 200 - milliliter servings of sugar sweetened drinks or artificially sweetened drinks on a daily basis, a recent study found that your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is almost doubled.  If your intake is more than 5 200 - milliliter servings a day then you have 10 times the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers combed through data from 2,800 people included in a Swedish population study to find the amount people reported drinking sweetened beverages in questionnaires among people with type 2 diabetes, latent autoimmune diabetes and those who did not have diabetes. Researchers found, based on the the data, that consumption of any kind of sweetened drink resulted in a proportional link to increased risk of diabetes for both type 2 and the latent autoimmune forms of diabetes.*

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