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Does Google Glass hamper peripheral vision?

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Google Glass has taken the technological world by storm and the visual experience it gives the wearer has been praised. However, there could be a cloud to dampen this visual wonderland. A recent study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association notes that the design of the glasses may hinder natural peripheral vision thus causing blind spots that compromise safety. Researchers evaluated three participants who had each spent an hour familiarizing themselves with Google Glass (this was in accordance with Google's recommendations) and who had 20/20 corrected vision. The Google Glasses were turned off and each participant underwent standard peripheral vision testing. The end result showed that when compared to wearing regular prescription glasses, the Google Glass wearers all experienced a "clinically meaningful" loss of vision in their upper right quadrant field of vision. The researchers also studied 132 photos of people wearing Google Glasses and found that the way people typically wear the device lends itself to a blind spot being a very real and very common problem. The conclusion was that the potential loss of peripheral vision due to obstructions caused by the design of the Google Glass could be a serious problem and that wearers should take note of this.*

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