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Don't "let yourself go" during the holidays

For years, people have "let themselves go" during the holidays. It starts with heading back for seconds and thirds at Thanksgiving dinner, and filling up with sweets and comfort foods that we all seem to crave when the days get colder with shorter daylight. Then the poor New Year is given the Herculian task of coping with our resolution to lose weight and become more active.

Don't be a statistic. 

Going through the cycle of being health-minded to make up for failing to take care of yourself is not nearly as effective as staying on the right path. Avoid fried foods and red meat as much as you can. Don't overeat. Skip desserts. Check your weight every day with an accurate digital scale like this one. And for goodness' sake, continue to order and take your VisiVite eye vitamins as directed every day. I know from my own patients that they tend to fail to keep up with those too while they "let themselves go" during the holiday season.

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