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Don't Make This Common Supplement Mistake

There is nothing more complex, frustrating and confusing as the Supplement Facts box on a nutritional supplement label. No wonder so many people mistakenly take only one VisiVite AREDS2 macular degeneration capsules daily rather than two! Unfortunately, by taking one one per day, you're not getting half of the benefit, you're getting far less, because macular degeneration supplements require a minimum threshold dose to have any effect.

Who makes up these byzantine rules for labeling? Why, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. And by far, the most confusing part of the label is the "Serving Size." If a supplement requires one capsule twice daily, the serving size is only one. But to get the proper dosage recommended by scientific studies and the manufacturer, you must take two daily.

This confusing language, which you can read more about HERE, is one of the reasons that we use Recommended Intake language that permits you to take two capsules at once or one capsule twice daily - because the FDA has determined that the Serving Size is the MAXIMUM number of capsules that you would take at one sitting. Whether you take two capsules every morning or prefer to take one with breakfast and one with dinner, make sure you're taking a total of two AREDS capsules daily. If you make the mistake of taking only take one of our best-selling VisiVite Gold capsules daily, you're only getting 7.5 mg of lutein per day rather than 15mg.

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