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Dr. Krawitz's Autumn Advice

Wearing masks is exhausting. I know.

With every trip to the pharmacy, grocery store and especially a physician's office, you've got to remember to bring one with you. It can be difficult to hear someone's muffled speech, much less lose many of the facial expression clues that we all rely on. When I see patients in my office, I often wear a mask for nine hours. And of course, it's on my face all day when I'm in the operating room doing cataract and glaucoma surgeries.

wearing masks in the operating room 2

Mask use is important to prevent the spread the disease of not only Coronavirus, but all respiratory viruses, which hitch a ride on the water droplets in your breath. As long as your mask blocks the water droplets, it will be effective in reducing what you breathe out.

Please be safe as the weather turns colder and people naturally spend more time indoors. It's especially important now to eat a healthy diet, keep your blood pressure and blood glucose level under control, and if possible, your weight as well. Take all of your nutritional supplements, including your VisiVite eye vitamins, every day as directed. In short, strive to be well as we head into autumn.

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