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Dry Eye Supplement Sales Exceed Expectations

VisiVite Quench TG-1000, is the company's fastest selling new supplement for eye health.

visivite quench bottleManufactured by Vitamin Science, one of the country's leading suppliers of natural ingredients for eye health, VisiVite Quench TG-1000 has been embraced by patients and doctors for its tolerability and effectiveness in relieving dry eye symptoms.

Quench TG-1000 is based upon Dr. Paul Krawitz's United States Patent 7,638,142 for his Therapeutic Composition for the Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome. In addition to 1,000 mg of highly purified triglyceride form of omega 3 fish oil, Quench TG-1000 addresses the irritation and redness so often associated with dry eye by supporting all of the layers of the tear film. Of greatest importance is the nutritional benefit to the meibomian glands of the eyelids, which provide an oily outer layer of the tears that reduce the rate of evaporation, thereby allowing the moisture to remain on the eye longer for all-day comfort.

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