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Elsie Gerner update on her macular degeneration

(The following email came from Elsie Gerner, who has been taking VisiVite since 2001.)
  [caption id="attachment_1518" align="alignright" width="300"] Elsie Gerner's Beautiful View[/caption] Hi!
An update from me.
I've had my 3rd visit to Eye Clinic, with no injection needed.? Last 3 times I've been told my right eye is still healed.? It had evidently bled slightly for about 12 weeks, but for some reason or other, it has healed up, I've been told.
My optician asked me to call with him, as he wanted to look at back of my eyes.? I offered to pay him, but he said I wasn't to pay anything - YOUR CASE IS STILL UNDER REVIEW!
He was able to tell me, two weeks before my last clinic appointment, that both eyes were still dry.? He just can't understand why I have no scars in my right eye -This is impossible, he told me!
He asked me to call again with him after my clinic visit, and said if I had a 3rd visit without treatment, that would be something.? This means I've had no treatment since April.So, I called with my optician, and he examined back of eyes and told me they were dry.? He is fascinated?by what is going on, and has asked me to call with him after my next visit, to let him know what they say.
Turned out, I didn't need a change of spectacles, as my eyes refused the change.? They have since then started to focus again, so I'm much more comfortable.
I had my driving license renewed, application form signed by my doctor.? So, I'm still legally allowed to drive the car.? I drove home from Belfast yesterday, 1.5 hour drive, as my husband had a wisdom tooth removed, and was glad not to have to drive home.? Our roads are narrow windy country roads, as we live 'out on the sticks' not near a motorway.
I've just sent in an order for a further 6 bottles ofVisiVite vitamins.? This time to be sent to Missouri.? My friends keep moving around.? They'll bring them over with them in October.
So, I'm happy, my consultants are mystified.? I mostly see a different consultant each visit, and they sit and look through the notes, look at scans on screen, and just say I'm stable!!? I return on 18th November.
Very sincerely, and grateful. Elsie

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