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"Elsie's Story" will make your skin tingle.

Dear Dr. Krawitz,
More good news.? I was at the special eye clinic in Belfast on Monday.??? For about 3 months now they've been watching my right eye (my good eye) and had noticed a very slight leak in it too.? However, they didn't feel to inject it, as it hadn't altered my reading ability.? Then on Monday, after all the scans, eye test, etc., I was taken to the Consultant, and she told me, 'For some reason or other, the leak in your right eye has completely dried up, and your left eye is also dry'.? Needless to say, I was overjoyed at this news.
Whilst awaiting the eye test, I was sharing with another patient about VisiVite.? Her friend is going to California for a visit in September, and she was very interested in the vitamins I'm taking.? So, you may have another customer from Northern Ireland!
Where can I go to see the bits you've put on your web page about me and my good news?? I'd love to have a peep!!
Thanks again for keeping me so up-to-date with what is going on in the AMD field. Much appreciated. Regards.
  Dear Elsie, I am delighted about your great news! Here is something else to make you smile...color brochures with many of your vignettes, including two of your lovely photographs of your garden and the sea, were sent to our users of VisiVite. Already, people are discussing and relating to "Elsie's Story." I've attached an electronic version of the mailed newsletter for you to enjoy. "Elsie's Story" begins on page 6. Thanks again for keeping me informed about your progress. Dr. Krawitz  

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