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Eyedrop bottle confusion

One bottle is for swimming pool chemistry and contains hydrochloric acid. ...The other one is a prescription eyedrop for glaucoma. But say both of them are on the kitchen counter, and you've had a rotten, harried day. Further suppose that you don't have your reading glasses on and you know it's time to take your prescription glaucoma eyedrops so that your eye pressure stays under control and doesn't cause any further damage to your optic nerve. (See?http://www.visivite.com/glaucoma.html and?http://www.eye-surgeons.net/glaucoma-news.html). Now take a closer look... They're both similarly-shaped bottles. The FDA mandates that beta-blocker eyedrops such as levobunalol must have a yellow bottle cap. Funny...the pool testing bottle also has a yellow cap. Think you could do the same? My lovely female patient from this afternoon was embarrassed and flabbergasted that she made this mistake. But any one of us could have done the same, don't you agree? Paul Krawitz, M.D, President Vitamin Science, Inc.

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