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Face Masks Contribute to Dry Eye Symptoms

Daily mask wearing has impacted those who suffer from dry eye disease and has even caused people who don't normally have dry eye symptoms to have issues.

Dry Eye Syndrome affects about 49 million people in the United States. Patients experience blurry vision, pain, redness, light sensitivity,  and a "gritty" feeling in the eyes. Masks exacerbate the symptoms because air is exhaled and comes out over the top of the mask and directly into the eyes. This causes the tear film to evaporate.

Dry eye sufferers can help reduce their symptoms by blinking frequently when staring at a computer screen and taking breaks and looking away from the screen every 20 minutes. Preservative free eye drops can also provide relief as well as dry eye masks. VisiVite offers two supplements to help patients of dry eye syndrome find relief. VisiVite Dry Eye Relief is for those who suffer moderate to severe symptoms while VisiVite Quench is formulated for those with mild to moderate symptoms.


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