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Do You have a Family History of Macular Degeneration?

Because age-related macular degeneration can be such a visually and psychologically devastating disease, people who have family members with AMD are eager to determine if they can prevent it.

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Our thinking has changed over the past few years, because of new research, with respect to preventive therapy for macular degeneration.

However, it is now known that the majority of AMD risk has some heritability. That does NOT mean that if you have a parent or grandparent, you will definitely get it. But it DOES mean that you are at higher risk. Fortunately, there are steps you can take.

Stop Smoking. Today. Smoking is the #1 modifiable risk factor for the development of macular degeneration and the progression of macular degeneration.

Eat Healthy Foods. Avoid foods that either raise your cholesterol or stimulate inflammation in the body, since macular degeneration is known to progress with both. Need it spelled out? Avoid burgers and French fries. Or at the least, eat them very rarely. When eating vegetables, go for those that have deep color, since it is the pigments in vegetables that travel to the retina for nourishment.

Consider using an Ocular Nutritional Supplement. There are no studies showing prevention of AMD when taking eye vitamins because the overall risk is low in the younger population and it is too difficult to perform a test over 20-30 years. But it can only help you to improve your retina's health. For those seeking supplements for general eye health, we recommend eye supplements with lutein and zeaxanthin, but without zinc. Our more potent lutein supplement is VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support, and our most convenient is VisiVite Super Lutein 444.

Get a Genetic Test. The Vitarisk and MacularRisk tests from ArticDx are simple mouth swabs that can give you more information about your real risk and help you to better target a nutritional supplement for the support of your eye health.

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