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Fashionably Small Sunglasses Fail to Protect Eyes

For those not hip to the latest fashion trends, tiny sunglasses are all the rage.

While the diminutive shades may turn heads, they won't protect your eyes from UV rays. These microshades may be fashionable but really aren't functional. The purpose of sunglasses is to reduce brightness for comfort and protect our eyes from UV radiation. With "microshades" having lenses that are one-third the size of regular sunglasses, they do not do a good job of protecting your vision against UV. Sunlight strikes the eyes from above and sides. Sunglasses are the "sunscreen" for our eyes. Sunglasses protect the eyes from being exposed to intense UV rays. Without the protection of sunglasses, the eyes can actually be "sunburned" in a condition known as photokeratitis. So when shopping for sunglasses, play it smart and skip the fashion statement and go with sunglasses that cover your entire eye and are labeled as offering 100% UV protection and wear them for any outside activity.*

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