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Fermented Paprika may offer Vision Health Benefits

It has long been known that the antioxidant activity of paprika, which is a source of carotenoids, phenolic compounds, and metabolites, has protective health properties.

A recent study examined whether fermented paprika could increase the protective effect of paprika. Fermentation has been shown to improve the antioxidant properties of plants and there haven't been any studies to determine the effect of fermented paprika.

The study involved using mice that had retinal damage. The mice were treated with fermented paprika. Researchers found that fermented paprika greatly increased cell survival and the protective effect against oxidative stress-mediated retinal damage was increased after fermentation due to the increase in the vitamin C content.

The positive results of the study led researchers to conclude that fermented paprika may be a useful in protecting against retinal degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration by reducing oxidative stress. More research is required.

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