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Send us??your comments and we pay you back 100% PLUS you get an additional $10.00 off a future purchase! [caption id="attachment_1713" align="alignright" width="200"] Click the image above to download the order sheet for a trial of VisiVite's Eye Beauty Vitamin.[/caption] In Spring 2011, we?re launching a natural ingredients nutritional?vitamin that is beneficial for firm eyelid tone, eyelash growth and?healthy tears. We?re not releasing it yet to the general public, but only telling you, our?loyal readers about it. And, if you?re willing to tell us about your?experience with it ? good or bad ? it?s yours for free! That?s a $59.95 value! (Each bottle contains a 2-month supply.) With just one capsule per day, your eyes will feel younger and healthier, all?while protecting your vision against the ravages of increasing age.?And within just two months, you?ll notice healthier eyelash growth, less dryness and ?light sensitivity and a softening of those harsh wrinkles and dark spots. Its powerful natural ingredients further defy age by improving color contrast and?strengthening the retina. This unique natural formula gets directly into the supportive tissues below the?skin?s surface, where fancy creams and lotions fail to penetrate - to?promote eye health ?from the inside out.? This product is NOT available on our web site NOR can you order it from our toll-free telephone operators. It is ONLY available by mail and only being offered to the first 100 people who order. Click the image above and to the right to download the full order sheet. --- Paul Krawitz, M.D., President Vitamin Science, Inc.

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