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Glaucoma may be more than just an eye disease, doctors discover.

A study published in November's Ophthalmologyhighlights the link between glaucoma and other serious illnesses. Collaboration with other medical specialists is needed to make sure the best care is given. It's theorized that glaucoma may result from abnormalities in the blood vessels and circulation that goes to the optic nerve, eye and brain. Doctors who treat glaucoma should be cognizant of the fact that their patient may have other illnesses such as ulcers, hyperlipidemia,? hypertension, and liver disease. Given this new information, doctors are now considering that glaucoma may not just be a condition of the eye but rather a systemic disease. It's estimated that glaucoma goes undiagnosed in up to 50% of people who actually have the condition.? Most of the participants in the study were of Asian decent so researchers caution that the study results may not apply to other populations. Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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