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Hair Loss with Covid-19

If getting admitted to the hospital, being put on a respirator or even dying from low oxygen and total body failure fails to motivate some people to get vaccinated against Covid-19, perhaps there's one thing that might change their minds.

Covid sufferers are losing their hair.

In response to the stress on the body, hair loss is common. And now we know that victims of Covid describe their hair falling out in bunches and clumps. And it's not just men, but women too who are experiencing this untoward effect on their bodies. I'm a hybrid physician in my thinking - a firm believer in Western medicine and cold hard scientific data. But I'm also open to the idea of natural therapies, in large part because many drugs had their origins after thousands of years of natural plant treatments. But when it comes to viruses, I remain a broken record with my recommendation: Getting vaccinated and boosted is - by a large margin - your most effective weapon against developing severe Covid-19 illness. Or losing your hair.

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