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Helpful Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

The holiday season is in full swing and that means social gatherings and office parties filled with decadent deserts and mouth-watering main courses. 

So how do you maintain healthy eating habits amidst the tempting selection of

foods you are faced with? Here are some tips to help you still enjoy your favorite foods while being mindful of what you eat at the same time.

You can reduce overeating by practicing mindful eating, which means you eat slowly so you can savor the flavors while taking time to talk and interact with others. Slowing down while you eat allows your brain time to signal your stomach that you are full making you less likely to go for additional helpings.

If you are doing the food preparation and you typically prepare the carb and fat laden standards, try changing it up with a vegetable or fruit based dish and incorporate healthy oils such as coconut and avocado.

Spicing up your cooked creations can also help jazz up healthier dishes and offers the benefit of giving you antioxidants, flavonoids and anti-inlammatory components.

And finally, if you like to imbibe in "adult" beverages, try reaching for sparkling water in place of one of those alcoholic drinks. Making that switch can save you quite a few calories depending on the type of alcohol you are drinking.

So with these tips in mind, enjoy all of those parties and gatherings and keep using these tips as you enter the New Year!

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