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How can a contact lens help glaucoma treatment?

A vitamin E packed contact lens has the potential of preserving the vision of people being treated for glaucoma. While the contact lens can't repair damage that has been done, it can prevent any further decline in vision. Currently, glaucoma is usually treated with eye drops. These drops are sometimes required several times a day. Unfortunately, the medicine in the drops is washed out of the eye within minutes which results in reduced effectiveness. The new contact lenses would allow for a slow release of the medication and hold the medicines in place which would allow for the medicine to reach the targeted areas within the eye. Vitamin E is the mighty component that allows for this slow release of the medication. Not only does the Vitamin E aid in delivering the medication to the eye, it also has the added benefit of protecting the eye from sun damage, since ultra-violet radiation is blocked by Vitamin E. Research conducted thusfar on the lenses has been limited to animal studies but the results are promising. Researchers are hopeful that the contact lenses will prove to be a safe and effective therapy in humans as well.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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