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Injection frequency comparable for anti-VEGF meds

Injection frequency was found to be comparable between Lucentis and Eylea as well as the cost for treatment according to data analyzed by researchers. There was no difference reported between patients new to the therapy or those who had been undergoing the treatments for a while. The researchers analyzed recordsfor 1,018 new patients who received Lucentis and 482 patients who received Eylea. The records of 344 previously treated Lucentis patients and 847 previously treated Eylea patients were also reviewed. The mean injection frequency at 2 years for new Lucentis patients was 7.6 compared to 8 for new Eylea patients. Previous Lucentis patients had a mean injection rate of 9.1 compared to 9.4 for Eylea patients. In macular degeneration, this particular analysis continues to show what has been shown previously, which is that doctors are under-treating compared to the results and recommendations from large randomized clinical trials both at 1 year and at 2 years.*

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