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Intraocular lenses have advantages over Lasik for some

Laser surgery, including both Lasik and PRK, has been the standard procedure for nearsighted people who want to shed their glasses or contact lenses. However, for those people who are severely nearsighted, laser surgery is not practical because so much tissue has to be removed. As an alternative, doctors can insert phakic intraocular lenses in front of the eye's natural lens. A review of studies comparing the intraocular lenses to laser surgery patients reveals that those receiving the lenses may have advantages over those who underwent the laser surgery. Patients who had the lens implant had better contrast sensitivity and clearer? glasses-corrected vision after one-year post-operative. In addition, the lens recipients reported better quality of vision and satisfaction with the surgery results than the patients who had a laser procedure. There is concern, however, that intraocular lenses carry bigger risks than laser surgery and these risks include: cataract formation, retinal detachment and infections. Because laser surgery reshapes the outside of the cornea without entering the internal eye, it is considered my many to be the less invasive ocular surgery.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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