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Is 2021 Another Year to be Thankful? [reprised from 2020]

It's been yet another difficult year, so it may seem difficult to conjure up thanks this year.

harry paul

There have been more 750,000 deaths due to the Covid pandemic compared to 250,000 at this time last year. Home and gas prices are up. Some food shortages persist. And many of us have been unable to see our loved ones up close - especially cruel at this time of year when we are gasping for daylight. Although thankfully that's getting much better as the majority of Americans have gotten vaccinated.

And yet...we love and we know that we are loved. It is a constant that tunnels through our darkest days, that lifts us when we are lowest. We have a deep yearning of better days ahead. It is this optimism in the face of loss that makes us most human.

This year, let's again give thanks for the gift of our life, no matter how challenging. Above all else, we are here to experience it. It will be your story, among each of our stories, that determines our collective direction. In the coming year, strive to be healthy so that you can continue to love and be loved. Above all else, be thankful for this moment.

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