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Laser pointers dangerous to your eyes

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns consumers that laser pointers should be used with caution and can damage eyesight. While laser pointers in the United States are regulated and subjected to a power limit, laser pointers that exceed that restriction can be purchased online. Doctors warn that parents need to be aware of the much more powerful laser pointers. These powerful pointers can cause immediate and severe damage to the eyes.? A 15 year-old boy in Switzerland permanently damaged his eyes after using a laser pointer he purchased online. Regulated laser pointers can still damage the eyes if misused. The FDA recommends that consumers only purchase laser pointers with labels that indicate a classification of Class llla or lower along with a statement of compliance with Chapter 21 CFR.? In addition, the power output should be no more than 5 milliwats (mW).* Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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