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Life Balance and Cellular Balance

People have always shared their secrets for "life balance" with me. How to meld work and recreation, bento-boxing each segment of their lives so that the other gets full consciousness.

And yet, I find it to be extraordinarily difficult to be constantly mindful and present, with work thoughts that bleed into my daily fun, and vice versa. It requires constant effort, and when it happens, the effect can be magical, almost childlike.

It was this constant human effort of creating balance that was the genesis of the name of my favorite VisiVite eye vitamin in our vast collection of natural eye support. To be clear, VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support  is NOT to be used for a primary eye vitamin for macular degeneration - for that, science recommends that you take one of our AREDS 2 vitamins AND be under the care of an eye doctor. But VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support is absolutely our most potent supplement for general eye health, and if you want, can be taken WITH your AREDS 2. Or, if you don't have macular degeneration, it can provide the foundation of your nutritional eye care. Like our other products, it utilizes FloraGLO® lutein and Omnixan® zeaxanthin, is packaged in clear vegetarian capsules without soy, sugar, gluten or GMO's, and contains 13 premium ingredients for ocular cellular balance.

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