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Link between vision and dyslexia

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Researchers are excited about recent findings that demonstrate a possible link between vision and dyslexia.

A recent study found a commonality among dyslexics: most had dominant round spots on both eyes rather than in just one eye. The study was conducted at the University of Rennes and published in the journal Proceedings of they Royal Society B. It involved 30 non-dyslexics and 30 dyslexics. Researchers found that in non-dyslexics, the blue cone-free spot in one eye was round and in the other eye it was oblong or unevenly shaped, which made the round one more dominant. In the dyslexic participants, however, both eyes had the same round-shaped spot, which meant that the person did not have a dominant eye. This translates into the brain being confused by two slightly varying images received from the eyes. The research results emphasize the importance of eye dominance in reading. The dyslexic brain has to interpret two slightly different versions of what images are being seen. While this link between vision and dyslexia does not account for all cases of dyslexia, it does offer a glimpse into one possible factor and offers hope for discovering potential therapies.  

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