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Long-term use of birth control linked to increased glaucoma risk

A recent evaluation of data collected between 2005 and 2008 on over 3,000 women aged 40 and older revealed that women who had used birth control pills of any type for three years or longer were more than twice as likely to have received a diagnosis of glaucoma. The women in the study had answered questions regarding their reproductive health and vision and were given eye exams. Researchers stress that the findings do not conclusively prove that oral contraceptives cause glaucoma but they do recommend that those who use them for three years or longer be screened for glaucoma and be monitored by an ophthalmologist. The study findings were presented at the recent American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans and researchers emphasize the need for further research to be conducted to definitively determine a link between oral contraceptive use and glaucoma.*

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