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Looking into LASIK? Here's what you should consider.

LASIK has become a popular vision correction surgery for many people.

As with any surgical procedure, it's important to do your due diligence and ask the right questions. LASIK may suit a lot of people but it's not for everyone and there are other options available.

When thinking about having LASIK, you need to consider your eyes, your lifestyle

and your job. Your eye care professional needs to consider the thickness of your cornea and your specific vision issue. LASIK comes with a high incidence of developing dry eye and halos, haze and starbursts are also a possible side effect. So if you have a job where clear vision is imperative, and particularly at night, then LASIK may not be a good choice for you. Talk to your doctor about other options such as PRK or ASA.

When discussing LASIK with the surgeon, you need to ask whether he or she will be available for follow-up post-surgery. Many surgery centers only use the surgeons to perform the surgery and then they have no further contact with the patient. 

And while the recovery time for LASIK is almost immediate, you need to realize that you have to deal with the corneal flap that is left by LASIK in the long-term. You need to consider what your vision will be like in four months or four years, not just what it will be within a week post-op.

By researching the details of LASIK and taking some time to ask the right questions of your provider, you have better odds of making the right decision for you and your eyesight.

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