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Lutein aids Memory in Elderly Adults

Lutein, a key ingredient found in VisiVite supplements that supports macular health, crosses the "blood-brain barrier" and benefits memory in older adults.

In a 2017 study of adults aged 25-45, older participants with higher levels of lutein in their diets had the same cognitive responses as younger volunteers when completing a task that tested their attention span.

A 2017 University of Georgia study found that those who ate more lutein found memory-related tasks easier than those who ate less.

Lutein can also help your brain retain particular information.

The University of Illinois study found that consuming high levels of lutein helped to preserve what is known as ‘crystallized intelligence’ – the ability to remember skills you have acquired over your lifetime.

Additionally, getting enough lutein in your daily diet can increase the speed at which your brain responds.

In a 2014 study published in the journal PLOS One, scientists discovered that people who took a daily lutein supplement were able to react to visual information – what they saw in front of them – faster than those who did not.

VisiVite exclusively uses Lutein naturally extracted from marigold flowers, and then independently tests all products for purity and potency with an independent laboratory. Independent testing is an additional safety step that is not mandated for nutritional supplement manufacturers.


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