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Many vision loss supplements do not fulfill label claims

Vision supplements are a huge industry with macular degeneration supplements being a part of that crowded field.

With so many consumers looking towards macular degeneration supplements to help stop the progression of the vision-robbing disease, it's important that they know that what they are reading on the labels of those supplements is what is contained in the bottle.

A recent study, however, found that, unfortunately, that is not the case. Researchers at the Waterford Institute of Technologyin Ireland found that what is on the supplement label isn't always what's actually in the bottle. Forty-six supplements were tested and the supplements were ones sold in Europe, United States, Mexico and Canada.

Shockingly, 61% of the supplements did not have the amount of carotenoids that were claimed on the labels. The levels of carotenoids needed to help protect the eyes were not met.

VisiVite understands the importance of knowing that our supplements are giving you exactly what we say is on the label. That's why our supplements are independently testedfor potency and purity. We take your trust in our products seriously and we do not compromise on our quality.

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