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Mobile eyewear tech available for low vision

The number of people in the United States that will suffer from low vision conditions is expected to reach almost 5 million within the next 15 years and the condition impacts daily activities and can result in isolation and rob people of their independence.

With surgical or medical interventions not usually being a helpful option for people with low vision, people turn to technological devices which, until recently, have only provided minimal improvements in their situation. But there is now available mobile eyewear technology that is also hands-free.

This new technology allows the wearer to have real-time control over specific parameters of the image that they see and they are able to apply specific enhancements as well such as controlling brightness and contrast and zooming in on an object. The eyewear is specifically prescribed for the user and has to be properly adjusted to line up with the user's pupil and the mounting system and nose bridge must be adjusted accordingly as well and cannot be transferred to anyone else. A training program is available for new wearers and this mobile, user-friendly system greatly improves the quality of life of those suffering from low vision.

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